Praise for the PEN trio

They brought all of their considerable personality and ability into our concert to create a wonderfully moving and uplifting performance. The next time I am listening to them I will either be making or buying a recording!
— M. Ross Baldwin, Cranbrook Music Guild
The PEN Trio was a force of inspiration and excellence in their visit. Their performance at the Teatro Anita Villalaz in Panama was superb. The balance, precision, intonation, and the tone of the trio was beautiful. The audience seemed astonished by the strength of the sound produced by an ensemble of only three people.

I was happy that the concert was well attended. I wasn’t sure that a woodwind trio could attract a big audience in a country not used to a festival of only classical music. I believe that their master class at the National Institute of Music of Panama was an important factor to draw audience members to the concert. Phillip, Eric, and Nora are just wonderful people. Their accessibility and humble personality made them immediately likable to everyone here in Panama.
— Luis Casal, Festival Internacional de Música Alfredo de Saint Malo
The PEN Trio played a wonderful concert at the University of South Carolina. Their ensemble was tight, yet their freedom of musical expression was not at all sti ed. Their musicality was extremely tasteful collectively and individually. Each member’s tone was beautifully focused with resonance and their intonation and blend were impeccable. It was truly a pleasure to host the group and hear them perform!
— Joseph Eller, University of South Carolina
The PEN trio gave an absolutely stellar performance while in residence at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. The trio presented a program that featured new works in a way that excited and inspired both our students and community. The members of the group also gave superb classes for our students that were thoughtful, engaging, constructive and encouraging. We would be delighted to host them again in the near future.
— Yevgeny Dokshansky, University of Trinidad and Tobago
Although their visit was brief, I appreciate the impact [the] trio had on our students and musical community. The concert was terrific. Each member of the ensemble performed with great technical expertise and musical expression. There was a unified approach to tone and color. The pitch and blend of sounds was outstanding. [They] are always welcome at Oakland University.
— George Stoffan, Oakland University
With a growing reputation as fine pedagogues as well as performers, the PEN Trio brings a new energy and fresh approach to the reed trio, playing with intelligence and scholarly insight.
— Nancy King, University of Michigan
It is rare to come across musicians who are so musical and thoughtful. They know the repertoire but more importantly they know how to communicate their repertoire to an audience.
— Aleksander Sternfeld-Dunn, Wichita State University
The PEN Trio gave a delightful performance that shared the richness and diversity of the woodwind repertoire. It was a wonderful afternoon of beautiful music that our audience greatly enjoyed. All three members engaged our audience and the whole event could not have been better! They are excellent musicians and we hope they come back to West Texas again!
— Valerie C. Bluthardt, San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts
The ensemble gave a stunning performance, with really remarkable blend, precision, and artistry. The students I talked with commented on how impressed they were with both the virtuosity of the ensemble playing as well as the solo lines.
— Bradley Wong, Western Michigan University
The visit by the PEN Trio represents the very best guest artist residency the Fine Arts Center of Greenville has had: superb performers who are also patient, caring teachers that are able to reach kids on their level. The nest people as well as the nest players. I look forward to the next time the PEN trio visits.
— Gary Robinson, Fine Arts Center of Greenville County, South Carolina
The Department of Music at the University of Minnesota Duluth is committed to providing opportunities to our students to work with high-caliber musicians and educators in order to enrich their musical development, as well as world-class performances to the campus and Duluth community. The PEN Trio’s visit and performance was one of the highlights of our performance season in Weber Music Hall, and provided our students with the perfect model of professionalism, artistry, and instruction through their master classes on performance and being a musician/ entrepreneur in the 21st Century. I wish we could have them back every year!
— Jefferson Campbell, University of Minnesota Duluth
The PEN Trio’s presentation at UW-Madison was remarkably interesting for our students. Their detailed insights about what it takes to form and run a professional chamber music group was extremely informative and useful for these young musicians. And the performances were brilliant and showed the high standards that all our students should aspire to.
— Marc Vallon, University of Wisconsin-Madison